Nectar and Nurture Ayurveda and Wellness

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Having a love/hate relationship with Ayurveda for over 25 years, as an Ayurvedic Specialist, Ryah hopes to bring Ayurveda into your life as it will serve you realisticly, supportively and lovingly. 

Services include -

• Ayurveda Assistance Sessions
$108 per 90 min personal session with elemental understanding - tools, ritual, wellness. SPRING SPECIAL 
• Intro to Ayurveda
• Doshas, Dinacharya, Digestion
• Dosha Kits

4 personal products to support your whole self. (Prices vary)
• Ayurveda Kits
• Seasonal Support Workshops
• Spring Rejuvenation
• Autumn Cleanses ​

Ryah created Nectar & Nurture Ayurveda & Wellness to help make self care and Ayurvedic rituals acceptable and accessible to all and everyone. We are all looking to find a deeper personal understanding and connect to inner peace.