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On your terms and time...


Nectar and Nurture Yoga

☯️Unravel Yin Yoga Self Paced-60 CEUs

60 Hour Unravel Yin Yoga Teacher Training- Self Paced with guidance and contant contact and support. Giving you significant understanding and connection to Yin Yoga's spirited modaility. Once completed fully- 60 CEUs through Yoga Alliance and an Unravel Yin Yoga Certificate.

  ☯️Unravel Yin Yoga Self Paced-60 CEUs
  ☯️Unravel Yin Yoga Self Paced-60 CEUs

Time & Location

On your terms and time...

Nectar and Nurture Yoga

About the event

☯️🖤🤍Yin Yoga Training focuses on the deepest tissues of our body and their relationship to the mind, body, emotions and spirit and energy meridian channels.

🤍Part 1 is the base and spine of Yin Yoga Physically, energetically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally including Trauma Informed.  

🖤Part 2 unravels the subtle body, meridians, connective tissues-joints, tendons and ligaments. Along with Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory: Seasons, Elements, Emotions, Life Style, Foods, Essentail oils. Lots of Advanced Sequencing too!

UNRAVEL: in the course:

* Intro to the energetic body

* Meridians/Koshas

* The parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) Connection

* Neuroscientific Perspective

* Vagus Nerve in relation is Yin Yoga

* Basic Traditional Chinese Medicine understanding

* Exploration of mindfulness/meditation practices East and West

* Pranayama

* Nadis, Qi (prana) and the 5 Prana Vayus

* Discovering and exploring the Lower Body meridians and correlating poses

* Discovering and exploring the Upper Body Meridians and correlating poses

* Props and informed prop placement.

* How to modify each posture to fit the individual

* Deciphering between Tension and Compression

* Connective Tissues

* When to practice and why to practice?

* Sequencing and techniques for teaching

* Understanding the Yin Tapestry

*Yin- why and why not, when and how

*Breaking down Yin Yoga Asana

*Supporting with presence

*The Meridian Universe

*TCM Philosophy 101

*Energetic Understanding

*Intro to Koshas

*Yin Unraveled

*Elemental Understanding

*Seasonal Support

*Energy in motion

*Essential Oil interweaving

*Food, drinks and herb/spices as medicine

*Mindfulness Meditation

*The art of “holding” the space

*Understanding/reading your students


Understanding the "Yin Tapestry-" through verbiage, props, space and time.

Educated and Informative Sequencing.

Joints, Fascia, Unique Anatomy.

Supportive and Helpful Reading: The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga by Bernie Clark

The Four Foundations of Mindfulness in Plain English by Henepola Gunaratana

☯️Includes: 2 PDF color manuals, interactive assignment tracker, recorded content, 4 Yin Yoga classes, access to Facebook group, lots of personal feedback, 60 CEUs through Yoga Alliance & Unravel Yin Yoga Certificate of Completion.

$899 (USD) Paying will give you access to the course content within 24 hours. Avoid all fees when paying - 

questions or need help? 

Go to "Contact" or Email for any questions.

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